Oh Hiiiiiii!

Hello sweet friends and fellow truth seekers! My name is Abbygail Sapp and I am super excited to have you here with me today! I am the creator and author of She Writes Truth- that’s right, I am She! Anyways, to get to know be a bit better here are some fun facts:

I am the (self published) author of Virtuous Wildflowers: Learning To Lead Through The Eyes Of A Teen, I am a certified and holistic birth doula, a future herbalist, truth seeker, daughter of The Most High King, sister, friend and an Executive Brand Partner with Young Living essential oils!

Here at She Writes Truth, I promise to do just that! I will be writing and sharing biblical truths on hot and controversial topics such as social justice movements, the lgbtq community, feminist ideologies as a young Christian woman, the Health, Wealth, Prosperity Gospel, etc.! With personal opinions set aside, sharing God’s truth straight from the scriptures will be a breath of fresh air to many, and a stick to stir the pot for others. But I believe that truth resonates with truth, that there are others out there looking or waiting for God’s truth to be shared publicly without shame or fear… and if you are that someone then you are definitely at the right place! #TheresNoFearHere

I strive for this page to be a safe place for those looking to grow in their personal relationships with Jesus as I share His truths and revelations… that through the scriptures I share with you, you discover the amazing power, grace, mercy, strength and love that the Lord has in store for you, and that it exposes the world’s beautifully crafted lies. Believe it or not, most are closer than they appear, usually right in front of our faces and it is my hope to open your eyes to see them for yourself. To then make you curious, to make you want to ask the hard questions, and to make you a truth seeker yourself!

I will be writing not only about biblical topics, but also God’s FARMacy, and birth-related topics too so there’s something for everyone but still all connected!

I promise to make everything I do for His glory, to tie it back to Him, and to give the Lord all the praise and gratitude, and it is my prayer that you do the same. ❤

Thanks for reading homies! I’ll see ya truth-side!

XOXO, Abby

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