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California-Bound, Baby!

Okay you guys… I’ve got some news… I’m MOVING to California!!! Yes, that is correct. I am serious. It’s happening! (T-minus 6 months from now, to be exact!) Your girl is going to The Masters University with the fall semester incoming class of 2022! Ummmm was this always the plan? Oh heck no! I wasn’tContinue reading “California-Bound, Baby!”

Camp Regen Notes pt.4

If you read my short recap post of my time at Camp Regen, hosted by Dr. John MacArthur and Grace Community Church, you would know that I am in a short blog post series diving into my notes from my top-take-away sermons! (Through writing these posts, I have edited them and added onto them forContinue reading “Camp Regen Notes pt.4”

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