Favorite Product Highlight

Eating out? Have kiddos with messy/sticky fingers? Don’t care to use toxic disinfectant wipes for grocery store cart handles? Then you’ve gotta get yourself our NEWThieves Hand Sanitizing Wipes that kills 99.9 percent of germs- completely toxin free! Yep, that means NOpetrochemicals, mineral oil, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, dyes, bleach, preservatives, or any otherContinue reading “Favorite Product Highlight”

New Convention Product Alert!

NEW CONVENTION PRODUCT ALERT! This is not a drill! You guys, we are FREAKING out over here at the Sapp house! The new products Young Living launched at this year’s 2021 virtual grand convention are outstanding and we CANNOT WAIT to try them for ourselves! As more product education continues to roll out over theseContinue reading “New Convention Product Alert!”

Decadent Rose Simple Syrup

✨ Decadent 🌹Rose 🌹Simple Syrup ✨ With springtime approaching here in Colorado, the sun shining, a pretty 70° degree breeze, with flowers and fruits blooming, I was in the mood to make something! I went to my local apothecary and picked up some (certified organic- super important!) dried rose petals! With the intention of makingContinue reading “Decadent Rose Simple Syrup”

I Made My Own Medicine

I made my own medicine today… wow what a thrilling, intoxicating and euphoric feeling!! How often does one get to say THAT in today’s society?? Having the power to take control of your health in your OWN hands…. It’s empowering to say the least!! Today I made my very first maceration tincture, which means havingContinue reading “I Made My Own Medicine”

The New “Safely” Line Is A Lie

I had someone ask if the new “Safely” line from Chrissy Teigen and Kris Jenner was a safe option for cleaning her home and clothes 🌱 What I found was shocking! Their website is full of happy green water drops and lovely marketing terms like ‘safe!’ , ‘plant powered!’ , ‘no harsh chemicals!’ , ‘naturallyContinue reading “The New “Safely” Line Is A Lie”

The Results Are In…

The results are in. I called 15 essential oil companies and asked if I could tour their farms to see how the essential oils are made. Here is a list of the company, phone number, and answer. NOW essential oils: 888-669-3663, they do not grow their own plants. This either means that their “oils” areContinue reading “The Results Are In…”

Ever Heard of REVIVE Essential Oils?

🍃 Heard of Revive Essential Oils? Their ads used to show up often in my FB feed until I reported them. No, thank you. After 8 years of success after success, I’m extremely happy with my YL oils here! With that said I do realize that these ads are causing some YL members to takeContinue reading “Ever Heard of REVIVE Essential Oils?”