California-Bound, Baby!

Okay you guys… I’ve got some news… I’m MOVING to California!!! Yes, that is correct. I am serious. It’s happening! (T-minus 6 months from now, to be exact!) Your girl is going to The Masters University with the fall semester incoming class of 2022! Ummmm was this always the plan? Oh heck no! I wasn’tContinue reading “California-Bound, Baby!”

New Convention Product Alert!

NEW CONVENTION PRODUCT ALERT! This is not a drill! You guys, we are FREAKING out over here at the Sapp house! The new products Young Living launched at this year’s 2021 virtual grand convention are outstanding and we CANNOT WAIT to try them for ourselves! As more product education continues to roll out over theseContinue reading “New Convention Product Alert!”

Why Are You Getting Mad At Me?

🐘I’d like to address the elephant in the room here🐘 Do👏🏻Not👏🏻Get👏🏻Mad👏🏻At👏🏻Me👏🏻For👏🏻Sharing👏🏻What👏🏻God👏🏻Says!👏🏻 If you know me at all and you’ve been following my page for a while you would know that I believe in Jesus Christ, I believe in God the Father, I believe in the Holy Spirit: I believe our God is three in one!Continue reading “Why Are You Getting Mad At Me?”