California-Bound, Baby!

Okay you guys… I’ve got some news…

I’m MOVING to California!!!

Yes, that is correct. I am serious. It’s happening! (T-minus 6 months from now, to be exact!)

Your girl is going to The Masters University with the fall semester incoming class of 2022!

Ummmm was this always the plan? Oh heck no! I wasn’t going to do the whole college thing at all, let alone so soon… in California nonetheless, but the Lord had bigger and better plans for me. Allow me to elaborate…

For the longest time I thought I would look into becoming a traditional midwife and attend midwifery school in Florida (a 2 year certification/schooling/training program) but the Lord closed that door- no really, the school permanently closed down at the end of 2020- and He opened another surprising one.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, then you might’ve read through my Camp Regen Note Recap series and know that I attended Camp Regeneration with my youth group back in 2021. Well as I mentioned in those posts, that amazing summer camp for high schoolers all over the US is hosted by Dr. John MacArthur, Grace Community Church, and The Masters University. While I knew all of that going into camp, I don’t think it really actually hit me until the last few days of us being there. Everyone around me was talking about TMU and so many people from my church in Parker, Colorado are going or have gone to that school for degrees in Biblical studies of different kinds.

One afternoon at camp, I went to talk to one of the TMU reps that was in the Masters golf cart (if you were there, then you’ll know what I’m talking about haha!) and inquired about what this whole thing was about and why people were always talking about TMU around here. While I cannot remember her exact words to me, there was something about the passion behind her voice and kind eyes, the white and navy-blue color of the flags proudly waiving in the chilled breeze on the golf cart that enticed me and sparked something within my heart I didn’t understand at the time.

When John MacArthur had a Q&A at one of the large sessions, he spoke passionately about the university and Grace Community Church sticking up for their freedoms in regards to mask and vaccine mandates within the state of California and gathering for worship and Sunday sermons as usual, regardless of what the government was trying to “cancel”. I so deeply appreciated hearing that at the time and felt so proud to know that they were fighting hard to do right by God’s people over there. Little did I know that would add to the reason I would choose this school for God’s bigger purpose in my life.

Our last night at Camp Regen was an emotional and transformational night for everyone I think but especially for me… During our last evening worship time all together I felt this special kind of surrender as I prayed to God, “Lord, I don’t know where you shall have me go next but wherever it is, if you open a door, give me the courage to walk through it.” And at that very moment of surrendering my future, an overwhelming feeling took over my heart and mind; Two words seemed to scream at me; missionary work. I had no idea what that meant for me and my life, what that could or should look like for me in my season, but with this newfound sense of belonging in that field somehow, I prayed about it and meditated on the thought all the way home and the few days following.

The following weekend being home, I had an idea of how I could blend this new calling from the Lord with birth work and it wasn’t until I attended an in-person doula workshop with some friends of mine at the birth center I worked at at the time, that my “idea” was solidified in my heart as my true purpose…

During training I was paired with two other doula trainees and given a scenario in which we had to come up with ways to advocate and support our laboring clients. (Ex. One group was given surrogacy, the other was a teen mom) My group, however, was given the scenario of a mom with buried previous sexual trauma that was being triggered at the start of labor. As her doula, how would we support and advocate for her and her clueless husband in that unforeseen scenario? It sparked something in me! I had an idea of supporting sexually and/or birth traumatized families alongside my doula services but wasn’t 100% on it… After that exercise, I was 150% sure I had a place in that field. A new fiery passion and desire to defend these broken women as a sister in Christ and aspiring professional in the birth field arose in my heart and soul that afternoon, and I never once second guessed it!

Because of that… Coming August 2022, I will be attending The Masters University for my bachelors degree in Biblical Counseling that I will offer to pregnant women and families who’ve had previous sexual trauma that’s now affecting their pregnancy journey, women dealing with miscarriage, and women who’ve had a traumatic birth experience! I desire to offer, not secular psychology therapy, but true biblical counseling to these women who feel broken, like there’s no hope… I have the epitome of hope in the palms of my hands with the Gospel,  so How could I not share it?

I have seen and felt a need for this first hand! I’ve seen the distraught in a Christian mother who prayed so deeply for a birth center birth with no interventions and then need to be transferred to a hospital and not understand why God would allow this to happen to her; she didn’t know how to process it afterwards. I have heard the pain and mom-guilt behind a woman’s voice who was angry at her body for not going into labor “on time” and was induced at the hospital she didn’t want- it was heartbreaking and traumatizing for her and her husband. The Lord knows how many women have bereaved miscarriages in America in our lifetime- even more so since 2020 up until now…

I have seen and heard and felt a need for deep Biblical counseling woman-to-woman from a woman who understands birth, postpartum, child loss, trauma, and Biblical counseling to empathize, sympathize, understand, and sincerely offer a hand. There are too many money-hungry people in power in our maternal medical system not standing up for our women; not looking out for their best interest physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and it makes me sick. There is a war on the womb and I will not sit here and let us be treated this way, I cannot stand back with my mouth shut and because i might offend someone. We will. not. lose. We will not conform.

I looked at many schools under the counsel of my family members and church leaders, and none of them stood out and resonated with me like TMU. None of them gave me that spark of excitement, hope, passion, and purpose like TMU does! After researching this university and how the biblical counseling program compared to others, I also deeply resonated with every testimony of faith, purpose/mission/doctrinal statement from the professors. When I meditate and pray on the thought of my purpose in life being Christ-centered work with traumatized women, The Masters University is where I feel led. 

I fully believe that attending TMU would allow me to fully step into my God-given purpose in the place I feel the safest in today’s society, surrounded by like-minded people who share the same love for Christ that I have. It is the greatest honor to be given the opportunity to do so!

So come August 2022, I will be moving my little country bumpkin self to Santa Clarita, California to start the next chapter in my life!

Big things are coming, y’all! Big changes are happening, new movements to expose the elite trying to control the God-given rights of women are under way as we speak (I cannot wait to be a part of them soon!) Check it out here and here.

There is a newfound passion and eagerness to do the Lord’s work in the birth work field and I feel a determination like I never have before in my life! This new chapter is a big one- a heavy one, and I am ready for the challenge.

New cultures, new foods, new friends, new challenges, and new experiences; I cannot wait to take you guys with me along the ride!

One thought on “California-Bound, Baby!

  1. Abby,

    Well written. I feel your passion & desires. Many women will benefit from your choice. I am very proud of you. I think you will enjoy Southern California. I hope I get to see you before you leave, but if I don’t who knows maybe I will visit you in California.

    Miss you & love you very much.

    Grandma Schuller


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