New Convention Product Alert!


You guys, we are FREAKING out over here at the Sapp house! The new products Young Living launched at this year’s 2021 virtual grand convention are outstanding and we CANNOT WAIT to try them for ourselves! As more product education continues to roll out over these new additions to the YL family, I will be sure to share all the things with you!

So far, we have reformulated and rebranded Shampoos and Conditioners with easy to read labels and gorgeous packaging!

We have a new dietary supplement called 🧡Golden Turmeric🧡 It is a delicious mango rose drink that combines the benefits of high-quality turmeric and prebiotics to support your body’s natural response to inflammation, immune response, joint health, mobility, and recovery after exercise.

We’ve got a NEW addition to our beloved Thieves line- the Thieves Bath + Kitchen Scrub! 🤩 Thieves Kitchen and Bath Scrub gives you the power of a surface scrub free of harmful chemical smells and residue. Thieves Kitchen and Bath Scrub gains its tough scrubbing power from nepheline syenite, a mineral we obtain from responsibly mined sources in Ontario, Canada; baking soda that gently absorbs odors; sodium percarbonate that releases oxygen when combined with water, providing a powerful boost of cleaning power against tough stains; and Young Living’s signature Thieves blend.

We’ve got SEVERAL new essential oil blends that I am super stoked about like Rise Up, Luscious Lemon, One Voice, and the Devine Destiny Collection!

You can now hydrate and soften hands with the bright, citrusy aroma of Lushious Lemon Hand Lotion, infused with Young Living Signature Scent Lushious Lemon. This clean, naturally derived, highly moisturizing hand lotion is specially formulated to soften and smooth dry skin. The creamy, fatty acid and antioxidant-rich formula quickly absorbs into skin to provide immediate, long-lasting hydration while protecting the skin’s natural moisture barrier—without any greasy or heavy feel on the skin! 🙌🏻✨

Young Living outdid themselves with this exciting new line of products that I am sure will #wow and invigorate your wellness + ditch and switch walk!

Message me for more deets! ✨✨✨+5

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